Project: Bathroom Tile

Finally! We’ve finally started the project we’ve been procrastinating on the longest. We closed on our house on May 2012, and it needed a major overhaul. Fast forward to today. About 85% of our renovations are done. It has been quite the feat.

Tiling this bathroom marks the beginning of the end. I know we’re never going to be “finished”. New stuff will undoubtedly emerge, but hey, a homeowner’s work is never done. I’m just glad I made it this far.

I’m big on budget remodels, and I’m HUGE on DIY. For instance, this whole tiling project is under $500. The main tiles cost approximately $300 (allowing for an additional 10% for booboos). The glass mosaic accent tiles were $120 ($10 per 12″ x 12″ tile), and we got 3-4 feet out of each one. Again, we bought a few extras just in case. And you never know if I’ll use the glass mosaics on a future mini DIY (I’m obsessed with these damn things).

I’ll eventually post pics of my past projects, along with befores & afters, but I’m just so dang excited about this bathroom! I won’t claim I did this myself, since my carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) has been acting up lately. But, yay Dad and Hubs! They rocked out most of our heavy-duty projects, and I chip in big time on whatever I can.

Anywho, here are the befores and durings of the bathroom tile. We’re not quite finished, but soon!


Dad measures for tile #1


Only 1/4 of the way there


Accent tile close up (they’re still full of crud. I promise they’ll look better later).



And here’s where we left off. If my cts behaves, I’ll grout it all myself mid-week. If not, Hubs has homework… It kills me that I can’t participate as much this time around. Fingers crossed I can grout!


No good deed goes unpunished

This phrase has been rolling around the inside of my head for quite some time. No good deed goes unpunished. I’ll refrain from singing lyrics from Wicked (oh screw it, you can’t hear me anyway). But the longer I think on it, the truer it gets.

I got a fun little assignment at work today. A project that will require my weekly attention. I’ve taken to calling it “the bane of my existence” only partly because of the extra traffic I will be forced to endure. I will, in essence, be babysitting one of my vendors to make sure they place nice with my employer. Sounds like a friggin’ blast, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do what I gotta do and (insert disclaimer here) I am grateful for my job. But why me? Why not a coworker who lives approximately 20 miles closer? Or one who has more experience?

That answer is actually quite simple. It’s because I’m damn good at my job. It’s the same reason I get an extra responsibility or five while other coworkers with identical job descriptions get to do only their job descriptions. A handful of colleagues have the same high standards, but our reward is -yaaay!- more work. Call it the curse of the overachiever.

Am I upset? A little. But I also feel a touch of pride that I was cherry picked to wrangle a potential nightmare just because The Powers That Be know I can. You know what? I can handle it. And I can definitely wrangle better than Job Description Guy would have anyway. I’ll just have to kick that bane of my existence in the family jewels and show them who’s boss. No good deed goes unpunished indeed.

It’s a BOY! (but not for me… settle down, everyone)

One of my dearest friends (we’ll call her KA, because I know she loves that nickname), just found out she’s having a boy. But this isn’t just any baby boy. This baby boy is so loved, because momma and daddy have been praying for him since the day we “met”.

baby w

Some back story: Momma Ka and I don’t actually know each other. Not in person, anyway. We have the world’s most devoted pen-pal girlmance ever. We discovered, while working for Company I in different states, that we shared a wedding anniversary. Then discovered we shared a love of all dorky things, all Disney things, and all kinds of other craziness. And, coincidentally enough, Ka came into my life to fill a gap left by someone, a very old friend who no longer thought I was as awesome as I actually am. So Ka has become, I’d venture to say, one of my bffs, even though we’ve never met.


When she left Company I, she and her hubs had already been shopping for a baby for quite some time. And, while the idea of becoming a stay-at-home mom before you’re actually pregnant seems stubbornly old-fashioned, I admire that she took a proactive – and scary! – step to find her own version of happy.


Fast forward to today. I’m ridiculously happy about Baby W coming into our world soon. When I meet my Ka, I’ll get to meet itty bitty W too. And today, if in a slightly more roundabout way, I’m inspired to pursue MY own version of happiness.

This is me.

I don’t exactly know what I’m doing. I don’t exactly know where to start. I don’t exactly know what I’m supposed to say. But, right now, if only temporarily, blogging feels right. It feels like getting back to my roots. It’s an opportunity to get back to writing, get back to photography, and¬†I can talk about¬†whatever I want! So, no complaints when I carry on about my numerous DIY home renovation projects or my latest Disney weekend getaway, ya hear? Anywho, here I go… I’m jumping in!